8 Best Headphones For PSVR In January 2024

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best headphones for psvr

SteelSeries Arctic 3

  • connectivity with multiple devices.
  • Voice sharing system.
  • High frequency and best sensitivity of sound
  • Massive control of outer sound.


best headphones for psvr

Bionic Mantis VR Headband Headset

  • Compatibles on multiple system
  • Headphone fitting is adjustable with your PSVR
  • Lightweight and reliable while you go outside with this headphone.


best headphones for psvr

Wired Over Ear Stereo Gaming Headset

  • Soft body and wired headphone.
  • Massive body
  • Perfect fitting for ears
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Best Headphones for PlayStation Virtual Reality In 2024

best headphones for psvr
  • 1

SteelSeries Arctis 3 – All-Platform Gaming Headset

  • Wired
best headphones for psvr
  • 2

Bionic Mantis Attachable VR Headphones

  • Wired
best headphones for psvr
  • 3

Wired Over Ear Stereo Gaming Headset

  • Wired
best headphones for psvr
  • 4

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

  • Wireless
best headphones for psvr
  • 5

Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

  • Wireless
best headphones for psvr
  • 6

Sony MDRXB650BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

  • Wireless
best headphones for psvr
  • 7

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Wireless
best headphones for psvr
  • 8

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset – PlayStation 4

  • Wireless

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset Rose Gold – PlayStation 4

best headphones for psvr

For your immense heart wave for love to play games to become an obsession, you need to get the best headphones for psvr for playing games. The Gold Wireless Headset was designed to boost well-being and act while sustaining the unique gaming audio experience you have come to love.

The gold wireless headphone is designed for you to enjoy the time of play games. It purely has a plastic body. It’s lightweight, has a shiny body, best audio quality.

It’s not harder to carry and not tough to use. It does not have any complicated way to connect as no need for any software. Just see the button on the left side of the headphone.

Best headphones for psvr have earmuffs, and the silky design of headphones gives you a comfortable experience while gaming. It’s easy to use; therefore, you can move on anywhere, it doesn’t matter where you are. Use your headphone with your mobile device via the included 3.5mm audio cable.

Main Features

  • Play station variety
  • 1-Channel Virtual Surround Sound
  • Hidden Noise Canceling Microphone
  • Windows and Mac Compatible
  • Wireless connection
  • Special for Gaming
  • 9 ounces mass

Headphone For Gamers

It’s only for gamers. When they play games, they need to listen clear sound of games, and this headphone delivers fantastic and cheerful sound with 7.1-Channel Virtual Surround Sound. You have doubles amazed by using this headphone by getting clarity of sound.

Established by PlayStation

It gives an explosion opportunity to enhance the adjusted the audio of your game as you like with your virtual game. With the headphone Companion App, you download different audio modes, and according to your choice and mood, you can change and adore them.

Sound of Gold Wireless Headset

It is design for worn comfortably during a long gaming session, and this headphone brings you depth, and clear sound of your game, this clarity of sound gives you amusing and fun time to play games with PlayStation Virtual Reality headphone.

This headphone system is noise-canceling that’s why you can focus on your game and enjoy it well.


Where is the microphone of the PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset built?

Inside, it is situated.

Is PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset hard to carry or have heavyweight?

No, it is easy to carry because it is lightweight.

Does PlayStation Gold wireless headset have cables to connect?

Yes, inside the box, it has cables to connect.

Exclusive Packet

  • USB cable
  • Wireless connecter
  • 5mm audio cable
  • Better sound quality
  • Microphone inside it
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Low battery time

Why To Use This

Some people are stylish and want to look impressive and attractive, so they use good looking and beautiful things. Same in the items, they used gold plate headphone for decent beholding whenever they go outside.

It gives users sound clarity and depth sound of the gaming system. So, buyers’ preference to focus on the game only happened when sound clarity occurred and noise-cancel.

Wired Over Ear Stereo Gaming Headset

best headphones for psvr

Wired Over Ear Stereo Gaming Headset works great with PlayStation 4, Mac, Desktop, Personal Computer, and any other device that can connect with this port. It is easy to transmit and use. It is lightweight with dark color.

This, Best headphones for psvr is totally covered in comfortable style, where the earmuffs surround your ear. The ear cushion of this headphone is amazing, made with artificial leather, and has exceptional seclusion from the back sound system because of high-quality sound system in it.

Set measurement is 7.9*6.9*4 inches, a wired connection, and having all the ports and buttons according to your required game. There is a plug that inserts within your game device.

The Volume Knot for high and low is also inserted in the mid of the wire where you can low and high volume according to your sensation.

Main Features

  • Dimension 7.9*6.9*4
  • Portable microphone
  • Soft and comfort headband
  • Long wired

Sound Experience Of Wired Over Ear Stereo Gaming Headset

It has 50mm drivers that are parallel to the ear. With their smoothness, the ear cushions give you a direct position into the ear for quality sound for gaming, and you have an idea of your gaming sound quality. This headphone allowing you to enjoy the virtual gaming world as you are inside it.

Rotatable And Flexible Headband

It has ability to move their band and rotate them as you want to rotate. You’re in the right place to get perfect combo of rotate talented headband in this headphone.


Does Wired Over Ear Stereo Gaming headphone used for xbox3?

No, it does not work without a connector or adapter.

Does Wired Over Ear Stereo Gaming headphone have a connector in the box?

No, it has not because it is wired headphone just plug attached in. If you want to attach another, your necessity adapter.

Is this Wired Over Ear Stereo Gaming headphone affordable with multiple quality and not?

Yes, it is because in cheap worth it consume multiple excellence in it and easy to use.

Exclusive Packet

  • Headphone
  • Flexible and rotate
  • Telecommunication system
  • Noise dividing mic
  • Strong compatibility
  • Battery time is low

Why To Use This

When a user wants just clear sound and focus on gaming, and they want a close touch to game. Then in this condition, this wired over ear gaming headphone give opportunity get parallel sound from the driver.
It gives a telecommunication system where you only focus your work and playing the game with your energetic mind.

Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset

best headphones for psvr

Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset, and it would be good and great in quality. The best battery is available for this headphone means the lithium polymer battery. Its battery timing after charging during virtual gaming is 30 hours constantly, and it the best part of it.

The item weight is 1.1 pounds, and it’s normal as along structure and quality of stealth 350VR Amplified virtual reality gaming headset.

Stealth headphone bests with sound quality, and it is unidirectional. It delivers you virtual reality audio sound of game as you inside and in front of this. It has the best battery quality time.

The variable bass boost and ergonomic for developed for virtual reality design that provides you authorization and service of headbands and cables.

Main Features

  • Cushion style headband
  • Hook-on Noise-cancelling
  • Light weight
  • Outside wearing

Innovation and Reliability

This stealth 350VR Best headphones for psvr is smooth and relaxed headband feels you easy and you use as many as you want. Fabric-wrapped memory form ear-cushions that over-ear and your ear fully covered, and they not being hurt you.

At the same time, its lightweight makes you easy to carry or wear this virtual reality headphone.

Speakers and Frequency

Amplified Virtual reality headphone has 50mm of speakers, with Neodymium Magnets and frequency in the best range is 20Hz to 20kHz.

Swappable Cable System

It is very easy to use because it has a feature that comes with easily interchangeable cables to swap between the PlayStation and PS4.

Unidirectional Noise-Cancelling Microphone

This unidirectional offers you only picks up sound from a specific direction of the mic. The Key is accessible to minimize and abolish all ambient noise while recording, therefore all our education and lecturer recording Headphone come with this unidirectional standard because of outer and another world voice fracas.


Is there we just need given cables, or we attached as we want for Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset?

No, it’s up to you, if you want a short or long cable to attached you take it and connect.

Is there any battery required and if so, how many?

Yes, required in it but only one.

Can we use Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset as wireless?

No, it’s not possible.

Exclusive packet

  • Separate detachable microphone
  • Battery
  • Charging wire
  • Unidirectional
  • best battery time
  • Detachable
  • Transposable
  • Not Freestyle

Why to Use This

Some wired headphones are attached with best headphones for PS then you only used with this, either its long or short strip. But in this headphone, you attached wired as you want or as you need with headphone which attached to PSVR.
When peoples play the game with PSVR, they famine relaxed, with headband, so in this situation, you can feel entirely relaxed with this soft headband by wear this headphone.

Sony MDRXB650BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

best headphones for psvr

If you want Bluetooth PlayStation virtual reality compatible headphones but are not sure which ones to buy? For the user, we make it easy and get rid of them in a hurry.
Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphone is fulfilling your demand. At this juncture, it has a mic inside the headset and a feature of volume up and down according to your need.
This Sony Extra Bass Best headphones for psvr delivered you superior sound that provides you acoustically close-fitting closure.
Connect it with your device by Bluetooth, and you get sound from drivers that direct parallel to your ear. This headphone’s sound gives you joyful and constant sound and does not give you cracked sound.

Main Feature’s

  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Multiple color
  • Punchy sound
  • Revolve design for easy packing

Best Wear Headphone For PSVR

Give you amaze with your music, that you get by your Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphone. Listen in comforts way because it also provides a soft ear cushion. It gives you the facility to enjoy hands-free calls with a made in mic.

Comfortable Factors

The factors covered in this headphone are full of chill, where the mic has settable. Best audio quality and easy comfort with earmuffs, durability, and brand are trustworthy.


What the range of Bluetooth of Sony MDRXB650BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones?

38.80 feet of the range provides from your ruse to your headphone.

Which type of look Sony MDRXB650BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphone have?

Black for the plastic bits, and its naked silver that metal looks.

How many times battery work after charge?

For 30 hours constantly, it is work with the best quality.

Exclusive Packet

  • Battery
  • Headphone
  • Charging cable
  • Excellent Bluetooth
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Slider Up and Down
  • Poor quality bass

Why to Use This

You can listen to your headphone music with PSVR while playing a game, but when it’s connected with Bluetooth.
User needs to stay near the PSVR and headphone when headphone links with Bluetooth, but in this happened opposite, and you can set your Bluetooth connection in one room or lunch then you move anywhere in the house in the range of 30ft.

Bionic Mantis VR Headband Headset

best headphones for psvr

As the people’s picks are so gigantic. For the user to choose easily and picks according to their need and choice, here in the world of headphones, there are so many types of headphones that have different and unique style structures.

Same in this case, we offered you the Bionic Mantis is an exclusive detachable headphone for the PS Virtual Reality headphone.

This gives you the blatant awaiting design that allows the earbuds to easily clip onto the headband and regulate in numerous directions for a perfect fit as you like and comfort by adjusting it as you want to set with PlayStation Virtual Reality.

Main Feature’s

  • Adjustable design
  • Adjust the clips of headphone
  • Wired system
  • Quick time to connect directly with PSVR

Well-suited for PlayStation Virtual Reality

It is exactly made for an easy and appropriate match with PSVR headphone, where you can easily move and attach with PSVR.

Modifiable Design

It offers you extend the spring clips of headphone to attach to the PSVR and immensely superior to adjust with PSVR in many ways as you feel easy to attach and comfortable to wear it.

Linking With PSVR

It has a plug that is linked to PSVR, 20inch cable plugs into the PS Virtual Reality headphone for easy use, loading and production.

Easy To Start And End

As it has unique detachable headphone, that why Bionic Mantis for PSVR easily insert into PlayStation VR and remove it from PSVR when you are free.

Sound Quality

Slightly relaxations in the ears for a comfortable fit without forgoing great sound quality PlayStation. Because it has the best in ear hold structure, here earmuffs and drivers are adjusted as and parallel to your ear, and you enjoy the soft sound.


Does how to pinpoint sound location of Bionic Mantis VR Headband Headset?

It’s hard to pinpoint location of sound.

What is the dimension of this Bionic Headphone?

18.29 x 16.51 x 5.84 cm; 136.08 Grams.

Is Bionic Mantis VR Headband Headset used for which purpose?

Both gaming and movies.

Exclusive Packet

  • Headphone
  • Plug wire
  • Detachable
  • Lightweight
  • Quickly insert
  • Without headband

Why to Use This

When you use headphone, they mostly large in their body structure and your face image look like large more than as your original face.

But this headphone gets rid of your overlook by wear this headphone, and because it is without a headband, it has 2 headphone ear cushions with drivers are separated. So, the user and buyers who want this type of headphone, which adjust according to your mood or need.

Bose Quietcomfort35(Series II) Wireless Headphones

best headphones for psvr

We highlight product and service your strength finds stimulating. Therefore, for your better demands, at this point, all the best factors are covered in this headphone such as Bluetooth connection, noise-canceling, best earbuds, and wireless connection.

Bose QC35 Wireless headphone for PlayStation VR is a shiny and smooth look, silver and black shiny touch has both separated spark expression. It is light weighted and easy to adjust to PSVR.

Earmuffs are made of mock leather and they covered your ear accurately and sound reach your ear by a parallel from drivers and speakers.

For use better listening knowledge in any atmosphere, because it looks perfect when you wear it. Easy to handle and you go out anyplace with this Bose QC headphone.

Bose QC well-suited with Alexa for voice access to music, info, your device sound, and more.

It relates to your PSVR with Bose connect app, Bluetooth scanning, by custom setting, for knowing access to future updates to enhance your chill time.

With noise-canceling headphones, you easily and freely listen to all the things you want according to your mood. The outer world and another noise you even don’t know what they are saying.

The functionality and availabilities are varying according to the enhancing system in it.

Main Feature’s

  • Well-suitable voice access
  • Noise-rejecting system
  • Dual Microphone system
  • Unlock the Bose QC through a firmware apprise

As it is Bluetooth connected headphone, charge the pairs of Bluetooth, with 20 hours of long battery duration, comfortable and easy to adjust, make you can listen to the music or possibly well you soft occupied all day long.

This Bose Qc is available now just for iPhone and iPads, for the android system it is going to be in the developing process. Volume enhanced structure gives you well-adjusted audio act either it low or high.


Does Bose Quietcomfort35(Series II) link with all android or other iPad?

No, it just links with iPad and iPhone. Integration with android is still underprocessed.

How many complications to adjust Bose Quietcomfort35(Series II) by Bluetooth connection or pairing with PSVR?

It’s a minor tragedy to adjust the Bluetooth connection with PlayStation VR.

Where is the microphone of Bose Quietcomfort35(Series II) headphones?

Inside in headphone a dual microphone.

Exclusive Packet

  • Headphone
  • Battery
  • USB Cable
  • Wireless
  • Inside dual microphone
  • Shiny Structure
  • Not for android

Why to Use This

When users use the headphone with PSVR, most users need wants to focus on gaming and their work on PlayStation. In this case, the user can easily fulfill their needs through this headphone.

Voice has the ability in it highly and deep access. It picks the best voice from drivers and microphone.

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset – PlayStation 4

best headphones for psvr

With the Best video and gaming audio, the PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset offered you get it for the best and soft sound of gaming audio by generating an extremely rich and complete soundstage for your Virtual Reality where you feel you also inside it.

This Platinum Virtual Surround Sound, all power-driven by revolutionary 3D audio skill. You listen to the voice at every aspect of wearing it.

The platinum headset has a dual microphone system, that spoils the outer voice and these mics capture your voice and cancel out the interruption and neglect the crash sounds.

Its long-time battery makes your time easier and is used for a longer period, extended battery life keeps you in performance lengthier.

The audio system of Platinum Wireless Headphone gives you free mode where you upraise your favorite titles to the next level. As you enjoy and make your gaming time joyful.

High quality drivers are provided in it, which makes your gaming sound clear and gives you the real taste of sound in a virtual world.

Main Feature’s

  • High quality drivers
  • Classical 3D audio system
  • Folding ear cushions inside the structure
  • Multiple connected devices by links jack or connecter

Support Podium

  • Mobile devices with jack
  • PlayStation 4 and 3
  • Mac with Wireless connecter
  • PC with Wireless linker

Sound System

With best sound quality, better bd rates, extremely positional practical surround sound developed by the revolutionary 3D audio skill. Sound direct goes to your ear with comfortable earmuffs adjusting.

3D Audio Technology

In the platform of PlayStation4 and Mac games that fully sustenance 3D audio, overhear and you feel an amazingly rich audio experience as you have not this type of 3D understanding in others headphone.

Superfluous Modes

You must need to download the companion app from the PlayStation store to tune your Headphone with multiples and classic audio modes created by designers.


Is PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset Portable or Foldable?

Yes, it is foldable, you can fold and their earmuffs inside the structure.

Which type of battery PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset has?

High quality battery is 1 Lithium-ion battery.

Does platinum headphone have any unique features?

Yes, it has exclusive audio modes, that you can use after installing the connected app.

Exclusive Packet

  • Headphone
  • Battery
  • Virtual surround system
  • 3D audio technology
  • Exclusive audio modes
  • Multi capability
  • Dual microphone
  • Noise access

Why to Use This

This headphone gives you multiple offers to get wonderful and soft sound. The headphone has soft sound touch, here is no chance to occurred crashed in sound.

You can use the audio sound module by connecting the app installed and change sound modes. Set them according to your need and environment.

SteelSeries Arctic 3 All Platform Gaming Headset

best headphones for psvr

In the world of headphones where you want to buy the Best headphones for PSVR, with all platform compatibility. It designed for the everywhere you game, having PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR, and all mobile.

It made the best mic, which is recognized as the best mic in the gaming era, as it is Clear Cast microphone distributes super sound quality with pure voice and noise cancellation system.

The Arctic all platform gaming design headphone enhanced new features and modern demand of user and buyers where all the things are present in one frame. It is covered with completely repaired audio, a new mic design with matchless intelligibility.

It is made with actual comfort and soft material, headband of this arctic headphone is so soft and your head in your comfort zone by wearing it.

Arctic wired headphone huge comfort has and the best style of headphone with clarity of sound.

Ear cushions are made of fabric sheets that keep your ear cool and stable. You play the game all day with this because the ear cushions are so smooth that feels like your ear in a safe zone.

It is carried with a window system that fully well-suited with natural surround sound that built-in windows 10 pcs and Xbox one.

This product is lightweight weighing 10.4 ounces. It might be perfectly paired with PlayStation VR that have lightweight that makes the user so frivolously.

Main Feature’s

  • Ski Google suspension band
  • All audio control system on the ear side
  • Audio voice share
  • Eradicate the outer voice

Sound Superiority

It fully merges it sounds just like as natural. Sound is your modest lead with s1 speaker drivers inside it. Its frequency varies according to the headphone mics sensitivity.

Audio Sharing Ability By Built-In

It stretches to share the game sound and game audio with your friends with the built-in share jack by simply wadding in any headphone or any earbuds into the Arctic 3 all platform wireless headphone.

Noise-Cancelling And Audio Control

As many it also can neglect and ignore outer world noise and interruption. On ear controls give you access to volume and microphone. As you just play a game and won’t be in the mood of game sound reach your ear you may stop and mute it. At that time when you play a game, you can adjust volume and microphone sounds, it easy to adjust just like tapping the ear cup.


What is the sensitivity of this arctic headphone?

This headphone holds 98 dB sensitivity which is high enough.

What is the frequency of all platform compatible arctic headphone?

22 to 22000-hertz frequency holds in it. The frequency of headphones depends on the sensitivity of headphone mics.

Do we change the size of SteelSeries Arctic 3 headphone according to the head?

Yes, we change, increase, and decrease the size of headphones through a slider in it.

Exclusive Packet

  • Headphone
  • Audio sharing
  • Control audio system
  • Use for all-platform
  • Moveable mic
  • High sensitivity
  • Battery duration low

Why to Use This

It sponsors for multiple and all compatible platforms, user can use this headphone for different devices through linkers and jacks.

It has high frequency and use can change frequency according to headphone sensitivity and you much need.

It easy for packed because it has a moveable ability and shrinks in its size. Peoples who want to share their PSVR programs sound, they can easily share their voice and sound by this all platforms headphone.

Buying Guide For Best Headphones For PSVR In 2024

We have merged offers to know what and how to buy the best headphones for PlayStation Virtual Reality for the users and buyers.

The features covered in the section where all these factors are counted in with the audio, wireless, without wireless, noise-canceling or noise including, port, mic, structure and many further excellences that are having headphones.

We had an explosion offer to be confident for the user’s ease and guided you on how and what to buy according to your budget and prime.

Features Must Needed For PSVR Headphone

For buying the best headphones for PSVR, when you see and search headphones and their features, what are they have or not, and which things are included in it. So, for saving your time, we state and show all the things that they have. The process involved is about as simple as you would suppose.

There are two ear cups, each containing a speaker, a headband, a mic, a wire connecting the two speaker ear cups, and an available plug that will fit into a variety of different technical fittings and multiple devices that you have.

Calm Object In PSVR Headphone

When you use PSVR, it gives you immensely to enjoy and see your selected videos and playing games. It is just like you are at that place and playing the game in the same place. Video is good and maybe in HD result, but the sound quality is low and very cheap.

In this way I recommend Best headphones for PlayStation, it makes your time comfortable and pleasing. Your gaming zone becomes best by in receipt of their tone notification that you get by headphones. Your movie quality time turns out to be jubilant, along with the video, sound class also become accessible.

Melody Soul Touch In PSVR Headphones

The Best headphones for PSVR give you a chance to enjoy your time with melody and videos that act, as you also were at this place. Music makes your soul sense free of tension for that time.

Some headphones are noise canceling, and some are having a noise system. It gives you a gesture according to your perception.

Elegant Structure for Headset

Best Headphones for PSVR has a structure that looks graceful, shiny, and lightweight. People are demanding headsets for PlayStation Virtual Reality lightweight because they have PSVR along with it. So, they feel comfortable.

Striking Headband And Earbuds

The Best headphones for PSVR give you the easiness. You listened to your practical things to see. Best headphones have earbuds and loudspeakers.

Some headphones look like mounted chic on your head, and some are separated earbuds without a head arc; in small earbuds, they just fit in your ear.

Relaxed Usage by Inactive

For your virtual result, you have must need the Best headphones for your PSVR for well sound quality. Otherwise, your virtual games become dismissive, and your movie or video sound probably crashed due to your sitting distance from your linked device.

It has a high sound frequency, soft earmuffs, and long strip wire, which you plugged with your linked device. They are light weighted and polished look.

Best Voice Experience

You feel better with it than without it. You do multitask like texting as you are free hands. It has fantastic quality and gives you some time to get rid of others’ disturbance and enter other sounds because it disregards the outside noise.

It provides you balancing sound and has the superiority of sound low or high, and doesn’t harm your hearing sense.


I am also using PSVR headphones and i personally tested some headphones from the above list and I found SteelSeries Arctis 3 is perfect choice Play Station Virtual Reality headphones.