10 Best Headsets for Call Centers in January 2024 Ultimate Performance and Clarity

In the global world service of every task go fast and for this service, everyone wants the best and fast response.

By seeing this demand, same in the call centers where the agent and customer are engaged and connect through calling.

The best headset for customer service, for those users who want to sit at one place and in the call center. Hard workout and stable position user badly needs the headphone.

Well, and stable connection of the device with your headphone make your user time and playtime easy and best access to receive the client call.

Noise-cancelling makes your time so easy and calm use for user, who just needs to focused on their work and listening material.

Clam and splendid use for a user by control the functions by headphones and sometimes inline jack, of wired headsets.

Top Pick

Sennheiser MB 660 MS

best headset for call center
  • Best use for the user with a dual connection
  • Noise-canceling mic from both sides
  • Professional use that you want
  • Rotatable and moveable ear cushions
  • Control media and attend call by the touchpad

Runner Up

Earbay 3.5mm Cell Phone Professional Corded Headset

best headsets for call center
  • Noise Canceling system
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • lightweight and easy to use
  • wired connection

Budget Pick

Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset

best headset for call center
  • Professional and attractive look
  • Noise cancellation that makes your work calm
  • Dual connectivity
  • All devices compatibles
  • Used in every crowded place
  • Control function
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10 Best Headsets for Call Centers With Great Mic Quality

Product Features Check Price
Earbay 3.5mm Cell Phone Professional Corded Headset Noise-canceling mic
Connection: Wired connection
3.5 mm port
Best for long time usage
Check Price
USB Headset with Microphone Paired: USB
Mic: Noise-canceling
Control: Inline
Best for: Comfort used
Check Price
Jabra Evolve 75 MS Wireless Headset Talk time: 17 hours
Linking: Wireless
Support: Android/PC
Control system: In the headphone
Check Price
Sennheiser SDW 5066 Connection: Vast wireless
Using time: 14 hours
Charged: 50% within 30 minutes
Range: Up to 590 ft
Check Price
Trucker Bluetooth Headset Mic: Noise-canceling
Range: 33 feet
Charged: USB
Talk time: 15 hours
Check Price
Sennheiser MB 660 MS Connectivity: Dual
Playtime: Up to 30 hours
Mic: Noise-canceling
Control: Touch system by headphone
Check Price
 TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset  Control: Through headset side
Playtime: 34 hours
Range: 33 feet
Charging time: 2 hours
Mic: Noise Reduction
Check Price
Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset  Mic: Noise Reduction
Range: 490 feet
Playtime: 13 hours
Charged: 40% within 30 minutes
Check Price
 Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth Mic: Noise-canceling
Connection: Bluetooth
Range: 1150 ft
Talk time: 12 hours 
Check Price
 Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Mic: Noise-cancelling
Connection: Wired
Drivers: 40mm
Playtime: 24/7
Check Price

Best headphones for call centers give more access to pick the clear sound and long durability with vast battery playtime. These headphones have the best-charged speed and easy-to-connect wired headphones too.

If still you are confused about buying the best headphones? then just go to the given above list and scrolled it. Checked and searched according to your requirements and budget.

1. Earbay 3.5mm Cell Phone Professional Corded Headset


  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Wired connection
  • 3.5 mm port
  • Compatible with multiples
  • Lightweight
  • Use for a long time

In a professional life where you are a representative person and you people need to be shown your work to peoples and client for immense used of your company product and any other goods.

It needs to be Best Call Center Headset to represent your dealing and deal with your client for best response by the attractive structure of headphone.

It is the best in range with multiple features. Its dynamic speaker is best for the classical performance of sound. Its flexible body makes the use easy for an agent.

Compatible with all devices and used easily by connecting wire. Extra and external voice neglect and make your dealing smooth.

Plenteous Sound System

Traditionally same in the Ear-bay headset energetic sound system makes your ear free from the crashed sound.

User or calling agent cannot be irritating from the client call because its smooth sound performance makes you feel easy and deliver the best reply or input from the customer.


With multiple features for long-lasting use it compatible with all devices and connected with all for best use.

It is not required for sphere any for connected. Fitts with all like iPhone, iPad, Mac, iOS, Android, T.V and all you have. But some take need to be adapter separately.

Well-Being Section

Incall center and in your office wherever you use this headset you represent best in look also so; it’s being for special for this.

Relaxed and soft ear cushions that cover your ear. Adjustable headband where you easily adjust or fits according to your need.

In Suppleness

Rotatable ear cushions that rigidity you calm according to your optimal. People can use only one sideways and rotate the other. Microphone limbs rotate easily and move around.

Noise Scratching and Sound Format

Must need for noise neglect because in your emergency and call center you just focus on your call and your customer say. So, it may be helpful in this circumstance.

Its desertions exterior voice and make you bright pay devotion to your work.

You set up the sound volume and call it off or on. This system also within the cable in the form of the roll-over.


It’s used is not only in a call center. You used this headset for multiple scenes like in the gym, play gaming, music, telephone services, online conferences, and zoom meeting.

In the Box

  • Headset
  • Guided print


Is Ear bay 3.5mm Cell Phone used for android devices?

Yes, it is used for all devices and is the best headset for phone calls.

Is the user easily used or needs to be more steps?

No, users can easily use this and see user-guided for easy quick.

Which type of audio driver quality?

Powerful driver 6mm in audio quality.


  • Noise-canceling
  • Compatibles for all
  • Use for multiples purposes
  • Flexible
  • Best range headset


  • Wired

2. USB Headset with Microphone


  • Paired: USB
  • Mic: Noise-canceling
  • Control: Inline
  • Mic arm: 3300
  • Best for: Comfort used

For a long period procedure and with virtuous act retort by the user and client. Users must need to get the best headset that compatible with all and use for multiple determinations.

This noise-canceling USB Headset gives the agent the perfect amalgamation of smooth and classic voice and sound of headset that gives you an amazing time during usability.

Very easy to use and connect. Users do not need any driver and extra connecter because of this USB wired plug system.

The volume range is handled by this USB headset perfectly and without difficulty.

Call drop and mute the music or conference simply. The structure of this noise-canceling headset also striking vast enough to concealment your ear with dimensionally ear pads.

Sound Classification

Easy to use of USB Headset with Microphone for enjoying and spend your time by use of this.

Noise abandoning feature gives further slackening and easy time for the user who easily works in an office by dealing with their client and attends an important conference at skype or zoon without noise worry.

One Step Plug

User unswervingly connects this USB headset by attached in required or given device.

One step of coupled because it takes wired with a USB plug that directly assigns with any device. You people are no need to be any driver or connecter.

Audio Control

In the line of audio control system have all rescue for headset user where they up and down the volume, attend the call, mute the melody and silencer microphone. LED gauge also shows the power of switched and attached.

Eases of Headset

Workwise and good-looking headset structure best used in office and call centers. Long wired and ratable microphone for move microphone position within 330-degree rotation.

The ear cushion’s softness makes your ears calm and covered from cold. Headband easily adjusted according to your skull size and as representative looked-for.

Numerous Tenacities

Used for multiple works. This is not made only for office work. Users use as they want, what purpose does not matter for this. Attend call on skype with audio modes, attend the conference call, gaming, music, online classes, and zoom meeting.

Exclusive Package

  • Headset
  • User guide


In USB Headset how user microphones moved for change position?

It easily moves only in 330-degree rotation for change.

Is there any need to connect with all devices?

No, it’s easily attached to all devices with a USB plug.

Is very noisy place being this USB Headset can reduce the sound of dog barking?

No, it’s normally ignored the voice under the one-room range.


  • Noise-canceling
  • Use with all devices
  • Audio Control


  • Without headband cushion

3 Jabra Evolve 75 MS Wireless Headset


  • Talk time: 17 hours
  • Focus: Busy sunlit
  • Linking: Wireless
  • Support: Android/PC
  • Control system: In the headphone

Normally in office work, users or agents are sitting in one place and bound with call and client production questions. In this difficult and hectic state of office sitting the best headphones for the call, centers are badly needed.

Besides also tough for the user in a call center that would not move anywhere because of the headset. But in this have the opportunity of freedom by a wireless headset and according to our personal testing this is the best wireless headset for call centers.

Adorable charging stands for charge headset by using electronic adopter. This charging style stands give extra beauty and showpiece in office table or any call center user.

Freely Use

Incall center users need a maximum of 12 to 15 hours constantly during their duty time.

It’s had enough time to use 15 to 20 hours per charge and whenever you need to be charge you people can easily do this. Because it has a USB charging cord in it.

Dual Connectivity

The dual device connects easier and more reliable. In call center when user or agent are fed up by throughout uninterrupted slog, in this state they connect their headset with dual devices.

They can listen to music and attend the call with a couple of devices at a time.


The noise-canceling feature gives you superfluous amazement where you people can ignore the voice and fine-tune the neglect voice range also. In all centers, users use the best call center headset for the exact needs of the user.

All Diurnal Contented

This beautiful and hardwearing headset where the ear cushion is made by smoot stuff and gives calm to your ears. Adjusted headband and rotatable microphone make you easy to use in and out voice.

Use For Mobile and Devices

With a hi-fi sound system this Jabra Evolve 75 MS Wireless Headset used for your mobile phones and MAC/PC also. Firstly you people need to be paired with your device first time by using guided copy.

In the Box

  • Guided copy
  • Headset
  • Headset charging stand
  • USB adapter


What is the Bluetooth range?

30m Bluetooth range.

Does this best wireless headset for call centers work with android mobile or iPhones?

Yes, it works but firstly you paired it with your devices.

How long time it takes during charge?

Approximately it takes 120 minutes or 2 hours for a charge.


  • Wireless
  • Charging stand
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Dual connection
  • Attractive structure


  • Noise-cancellation setting

4. Sennheiser SDW 5066


  • Connection: Vast wireless
  • Using time: 14 hours
  • Charged: 50% within 30 minutes
  • Range: Up to 590 ft
  • Ease to: Use and setup

For a more convenient and seamless fit headset for the users who are sitting in an office about 12 to 15 hours on duty. This headset beats with a fast charging speed.

Furnished with faultless substantial in it. The smoothness of sound and cushions softness make the user more comfortable.

Hi-fi sound system with pleasant mode and high wide range of sound. Wireless range of connection with your devices is work from 180m contour of view.

Best Fits For

Best for fits on your head, with ease wherever and whenever you persons used this Sennheiser headset that’s more contented.

Because of the best substantial used in, silicon confidential it, softness of ear cushions, headband adjusted, and desk attitude make it easier use for the agent or user.

Multiple Connectivity Options

As double-sided headset same as steadfast and exceptional in its connectivity. Because of triple devices connection, where the user in professional life use headset in the call center for best use with multiple devices.

This headset uses for mobile phones, PC and desk phones as you firstly connect with your headset and device connection.

Fast Battery

The true wireless double-sided headset makes it more dependable because of this stead connection with devices and fast charging speed.

 Battery time runs faster and delivers clear sound without crashed sound. It works full day along with per charge as this is thwe best headset for business calls.

Effortless Technology

With the best speed of connectivity and microphone, copious recital makes users calm during calls and dealing with their clients. With a microphone, rotatable arm, and mute role in arm bounce you a gigantic perception of using this headset.

Because of the effortless technology, it can be used as the best headset for sales calls.

In the Box

  • Headset
  • Charging stand
  • Guided paper
  • USB cable


What is the range of Bluetooth connectivity?

Long-range with Bluetooth connection round about 180m.

Is this Sennheiser headset used for PC?

Yes, it used for PC also

How many times taken charged the headset?

It takes 60 minutes to charge a fast 100% battery.


  • Fast charge
  • Long time work
  • Professional use
  • Trio connectivity
  • Moveable mic


  • Bit Expensive

5. Trucker Bluetooth Headset


  • Mic: Noise-canceling
  • Weight:7 oz
  • Range: 33 feet
  • Charged: USB
  • Talk time: 15 hours
  • Rotate ear side: 270o

For the perfect and easier use of a headset in the call center, any emergency dwelling, business communication, consultation call, zoom meeting, and online class, etc.

Vast battery lifetime for the user who easily uses and uses without the worry of battery down system of the headset.

 Noise-canceling in headset where your relief from outer voices and external word dismiss. Because of neglect crashed and smashed sound.

Finger control on your headset because of LED indicators and one press of volume switch located on headset ear. USB charging system and conventional it down for charge within 2 hours for long-term usage.

Noise Cancellation Microphone

In modern technology where the user wants to stay in a quiet place for their business communication and in a call center for dealing with the client.

This trucker Bluetooth headset has an advanced feature of noise-canceling where you can only attend to your exertion and what you want to do at the required time.

 It captures the best voice from the headset and detects noise background. Best for the user you people can work playing from home and your office anywhere you can easily feel for the usage of this headset.

Perfect Comfort

This headset carries very easily because of its lightweight and balanced over-the-head side design. Where the headset has only one ear, but you used it according to your choice because it’s rotatable and you used it as you like and as you want either there is a left or right ear.

Multiple Connections

Multiple connections with Bluetooth devices such as user use with the cell phone, PC, tablet, laptop, Mac, Android, and iOS, etc.  Some powerfully you can connect two devices at a time by using Bluetooth 5.0 is the range between the device and your headset at that place of device.

You can easily move or going anywhere within the range of 33 feet wireless range.

All-Day Rummage Sala

 Mostly professional peoples in the call center or business communication system, they want to use a headset because of on-duty within 12 to 15 hours daily.

This headset works 15 hours daily you talk with your client attend your meeting and deal with your client. This charming charging sordid appearance like blue in your office you can easily drop it in for trust and packing you can also respond the headset with USB cable directly.

In the Box

  • Wireless headset
  • User guide
  • Charging mooring
  • Microphone USB charging cable


What is the range of connectivity with the device?

33 feet away from the headset.

Is just the user using the right side of the headset?

No, it is used for both ears, but used one ear at that time with the moveable feature of ear cushions.


  • Fast charge
  • Long time work
  • Professional use
  • Trio connectivity
  • Moveable mic


  • Bit Expensive

6. Sennheiser MB 660 MS


  • Connectivity: Dual
  • Playtime: Up to 30 hours
  • Mic: Noise-canceling
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Control: Touch system by headphone

In the professional and five-star communication place where the user or agent wants foldable and attractive headset for good looking and easy to pack. This Sennheiser MB 660 Dual-Sided headset are fully fulfilling the user demand and requirement of the merge or attract the look.

Dual connection with your devices and call handling where you get the best input from your customer. Best act by this Sennheiser headset for those users who constantly used the headset for calling in their offices and centers.

Dual Device Connection

Dual connection system makes you more stable and easy use in the working duration, here the bumper offer for you to connect your headset with dual connectivity, such as your mobile connect for enjoy the music and connect your PC for dealing with your client or customer.

Touch Control System

Best Headset for Call Center wherever in headset user control all activity of headset from the touchpad, hold call, mute the call-in call center for dual dealing with your client, change your music track and volume set high or low.

Notice or Concentration Voice

Make it more information for the user, you people can attend on your voice, means what you saying to your hearer. Compact the circumstantial sound that makes it your listen or client easy to get output after your side because of sound clarity and just they listen to your speech.

Sound Appetite

Firstly, a sound system prefers by the user, according to the agent in the call center with multiple connections, the sound act for both communication and music; deliver different sounds according to the flourishing of these.

In the Box

  • USB PC Dongle
  • USB Cable
  • Charging case
  • Headset


Is the user use while the headset charged?

Yes, it can be used during the charge.

Is the Sennheiser headset can be used for android?

Yes, user can use for all android devices.

What is the dimension of Sennheiser MB 660 headset ear cushions?

It has 2-1/2 inches long/high 1-3/8 inches wide at the main points.


  • Touch Control
  • Wireless
  • Dual Stability
  • Easy to connect
  • Great battery life


  • Noise deduct the range

7. TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset


  • Control: Through headset side
  • Weight:8 oz
  • Playtime: 34 hours
  • Range: 33 feet
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Mic: Noise Reduction

In very noisy and messy places, like in public transport, in the office with mutual people, truck driver, in-home with clash situation and in the call center where the user is garbed in clutter place. This TaoTronics headset very accommodating for these conditions to use easily and calm.

Noise reduction neglects the back or outer sound, you people can get rid of the noisy place and did your work without any worry and interruption.

By your finger control the sound level and call handling. All-day comfort because of headset ear cushion is soft and smooth to cover your ear. A long time of use without charging low system, it works continuously 34 hours with per charge.


Very comfortable and reliable use of this headset product, that gives user vast and unique offer to use in any place and everywhere you want to use this. It does not have a gamble to work, you people can use in the office, call center, drive truck, railway station and attend the conference call.

Noise Deduction

This is the most advanced headset in this middle era of technology yet all noise reduction, neglects the external and smash sound up to 40db. Wherever you want to use it, you can do it, in a call center, in an emergency ward, or in any environment.

All-Day Comfort

The adjustable headband that makes user easy to wear on head and adjust according to their head size and adjust on any head.

A soft and indulgent ear cushion makes your ear calm and stable. Rotatable microphone, you can perfectly set it according to your required need for catching your speech either you fix it on your left ear or right ear.

Fast Battery

Headset charged by USB Cable of your car also within 2 hours. Work properly for 34 hours continuously with the best clarity of sound. You used for all day in a call center or anyplace.

In the Box

  • Headset
  • USB Cable charger
  • User guide


What is the Bluetooth connection range?

Up and around to 10m or 33ft.

What is the mean of an all-powered noise-canceling headset?

It means that user can use it everywhere and used in a very noisy place.

What is the battery capacity?

It’s about to 400mAh.


  • Wireless
  • Portable
  • Noise Cancellation


  • Single side

8. Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset


  • Mic: Noise Reduction
  • Range: 490 feet
  • Playtime: 13 hours
  • Charged: 40% within 30 minutes
  • Assembly: Dual

For agents professional and industrial use where the users go out for inspection and round for any query, they need to be good looking and throw better impression to clients in public.

So, this Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset increases your looking impression in your offices, in call centers, and anywhere you used it.

Dual connection at a time, shrill and soft structure which are easier for adjusting on the head. The long duration of use by 13 hours constantly in a day and its connectivity range just like in conference hall in and out without device hold.

The sound system brings the pure call to agent and client both by this fantastic microphone. From the headset user simply control all functions.

Dual Connectivity

Users can easily engage by this Jabra Engage 65 Wireless Headset because of this dual connection at a time. You can switch one connection and use 2nd one connection and attend your call or listen to music it’s up to your choice.

Call Clarify

In the Incall center, in a conference call and zoom/skype meeting users deal with their clients to get input or required solution from other sides they need a perfect and clear voice.

This Jabra headset delivers you best and clarifies call sound without any break or interruption.

High Use

For user easiness and music perception, this offers extensive wireless connectivity to use in one long hall and industry range.

Adjusted Stylishness

For agent professional use it demolishes your look than other headsets because its looks like a smart strip of ear cushion to the headband. Easy to adjust any head size because it’s adjusted and the ear cushions of this headset cover your ear.

Functions Control

Control all functions like mute/unmute calls, attend the meeting on skype, adjust volume, microphone sound system, and volume up/high by using finger use on to headset.

In the Box

  • Headset
  • Power supply
  • USB Cable
  • Desk phone cable
  • User guide


What is the connectivity range?


What is the total battery charge time?

90 minutes.

Is this easy to connect and easy to use for the user?

Yes, it is very easy to connect, the user takes guidance from the user guide copy inside the box.


  • Wireless
  • Dual connection
  • Stylish


  • Little bit high price

9. Plantronics Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth


  • Mic: Noise-canceling
  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Range: 1150 ft
  • Talk time: 12 hours
  • Weight: 5.4 ounces
  • Mic Reliability: Triple mic

Free from the worry of going out without a headset device. A noise-canceling system makes you stable and easy for dealing with your clients. Bluetooth technology makes you easy-going with your client input taking.

With the mute button on the headset, you people can mute and unmute your call and meeting with your finger control. Triple mic makes your sound clear and natural taste.

Charging Stand

For decent looking in your office and your call center desk its needs to be looked good for the public eyes. Charging stand where you adjust the headset and start charging, whenever you need to be charged.

Quick Control

With your finger control, you people can mute the call function and music on your headset. With this smart sensor technology, when the user removes the headset and automatically mutes calls or pauses your melody.

Hi-Fi Sound

Hi-fi audio concentration covers both ears allowing the user to receive their calls and enjoy their music without any crash sound.

Leather cushions contending the latest headsets for easy to use all-day soft comfort. The adjustable headband uses for a perfect fit according to your head size.

Amazed Music

With this advanced headset, users will enjoy with best and rocking music sound. It gives you natural and melody sounds that insist you use for many hours.

Volume buttons easily change the soundtrack and the triple microphone rotates side according to your need and gives a parallel voice to your ears.  

In the Box

  • Charging case for portability
  • Storage of headset
  • Charging cable
  • USB Adapter


How many times taken a headset for charging?

One and half hours for full charging.

How long it can be used?

It can be used 12 hours for talk and 15 hours for music.

What is the range of connectivity?



  • Wireless
  • Triple Mic
  • easy to adjust
  • Charging stand


  • Bit pricey

10. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x


  • Mic: Noise-cancelling
  • Use for: Recording
  • Weight: 7.80 ounces
  • Connection: Wired
  • Drivers: 40mm
  • Playtime: 24/7

This Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional studio headset gives immense joy for the headset user. Incall center users get an easy feel with this because its huge structures cover your ears properly.

All-day comfort with this because of leather sheet material making headset. Single side exit wired that easier to connect your headset with device.

A professional office headset gives the user an accurate and smooth sound. For an agent in a call center, give an immense offer used for a long time as they want and required time.

Flexible Design

Move headset edges inside and foldable inside easier for packing. Headset easily adjusted after fold in a pouch for packing.

Recording Use

This Audio Professional Headset for recording gives the user additional suggestions for recording in the field or studio. When users work in call center and field they need to take and fetch data from both sides for the easiness, agent recorded data by the microphone.

Sound And Act

Every headset has its sound quality but not all in all. Some are missing maybe in these because of the brand and product budget.  But in this headset sound bloom according to your setting. It just acts power of user desire, where the user can move one side ear cushion to the opposite side to take some relaxation.

In the Box

  • Pouch
  • Headset
  • Screw-on adapter


How many sensitivities to catch the voice?

98 db.

How long wired of the headset?

This is long about 9.8 feet.


  • Isolating sound
  • Foldable
  • Easy to connect


  • Wired

Buying Guide For Best Headphones for Call Centers

User Activeness

An agent is fully active in the call center to give information to the customer through active service at that time. The agent is all time active due to give information within the center all about the situation and required enquiring of the customers.

Perfect Focus

During the talk time where the customers and agents are engaged together for taking and giving information. If your need perfect focus and attention to your work then these Sennichiser headsets are best.  

For that, the agent need focus on just customers quotation and required demand, either it emergency or normal.

Comfort Zone

For the easiness of the agent and user who wants and needs to talk with the client easily and comfortably.

It just happened only with Best Headsets for Call Centers where the noise reduction of the headphone makes more stability in work for demonstrative due to inattention outer voice.


If you people are conscious about the attractive look then these are the best headsets. Headset structure with lax and fleece making substantial that makes agent appearance time easier and calmer due to body softness of headset.

Some representative or agent who is works according to the plan but in some centers, the progress plan is not available in this circumstance’s operator to need some calm goods.

May the sometimes agent or handler is busy in multiple works like calling and do data entry.

Balance Functions

If you people are looking for the best and reasonable Best Headphones for the Call center, you will bargain from here. Headset using during call must have a good mic, compatible with devices, and easy to be balancing with devices.

They all have the best qualities and resilience for the agent works.

For Best Headsets for Call Centers sound quality is preferable that make your time easier and joyful by ignoring outer and mess sound also be smooth and level for giving and picking talks.


The best headphones for call centers give more easy to adopt headphones, just according to their exact requirements.

First checked your budget and desired to buy the best headphones. With best and vast durability. Stable connection and multiple compatibles for the user who sits in call centers and needs to pick a quick response from the client.

Then these are best for the user. If the user is still confused then checked more headphones, you can find them easily and buy your best.