Best Ways of How To Sleep With Headphones in Different Positions

If you are a music lover and still finding some way of how to sleep with headphones then must go through this article. Sometimes we do sleep with our headphones too.

We know that in this modern age of technology, we need the best things for our comfort. Same is the case with headphones which are used for listening to music or for calls.

Firstly, to be very frank you can easily fall asleep with your headphones easily. But, there are some suggestions to improve the quality of your sleep.

Some recommendations will require you to get items that can alleviate your discomfort.

Other suggestions will ask you to try different things like sleeping positions. But, all techniques are worth trying.

You choose that one which fits you well or work for you.

Things You Should Know While Sleeping With Headphones

There are several suggestion and things you must know about them while sleeping with headphones.

Get a Special Pillow

You can buy a special pillow to make you comfortable while sleeping with your headphones. They are not made specifically for this purpose, but they all work well.

Pillow With Hole

In particular, we recommend two types of pillows. The first special pillow I recommend is simply called a “pillow with a hole”. You’ll know exactly what I’m saying by searching on Google or Amazon.

These pillows are commonly used for people who have recently had ear surgery or for people with ear disease and sensitive ears.

The holes in these pillows relieves the pressure that regular pillows put on the earplugs and headphones. It can also reduce the smashing effect from pillow on your ear.

Use this pillow to prevent hearing and headphone damage.

Headphone’s wire can be under the pillow to prevent messing around your neck.

Amazon has a list of different “pillow with holes” products. For similar search results, you can also search for ear surgery pillows.

Here are some I think the best ones I share with you.

Pure Comfort Cushions With Earhole

how to sleep with headphones

Memory foam pillows have become very popular these days. These Pillows features a memory foam core. Most people find it more comfortable than other pillows.

PureComfort Side Sleeping Pillow

how to sleep with headphones

This model is slightly different due to the two ear grooves. Unfortunately, they only give the impression that your ear is lying down. There are no real holes actually, so the added benefit of being able to put earplug cords under the pillow won’t work. Therefore, the risk of strangulation still exists in this product.

Deluxe Comfort Better Earguard Pillow Accessory

how to sleep with headphones

If you need a cheaper solution or want a pillow which has just a hole in it, you can choose this little pillow accessory.

The holes across this product prevents you from choking, but they are so small that you may need to add regular pillows to compensate for additional filling.

Made from egghell foam, it may not be as comfortable as memory foam or cotton padding, but still a wonderful product to give it a try.

Travel Pillow

Now, here are some pillows recommended for night noise lovers who want to wear extra headphones. Especially I mean someone who has a headband. These pillows, sometimes called travel pillows or neck pillows, are U -shaped so you can place your headband on top of them without hitting your head.

It does not put too much pressure on the pillow too when supporting it.

Of course, aside from comfort, one of the real requirements for a travel pillow is to have a snap or tie at the end of the U to keep the tip together.

Otherwise, you will lose the battle to keep the shape of the pillow at night.

Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

how to sleep with headphones

This is a small miracle of pillows on the market at a high price. This is great because you can use it for so many purposes.

You can roll this pillow, twisted or bent in almost all configurations for maximum comfort. It also do have snap close button which I think is a must thing in any pillow.

The last word about pillow solutions is you can see that all these pillows are too flat to sleep comfortably. If you want to raise your head at night, it is better to use another pillow or two pillows under the special pillows.

Use Wireless Headphones While Sleeping

You should always use wireless headphones to completely eliminate the risk of contraction.

Mostly wireless headphones have a battery life of approximately 5 hours which is great for jogging or workout but not for sleeping all night.

But, if you are a kind of person that just needs music just to sleep then I highly recommend you to use only wireless headphones.

Below we are going to discuss wireless headphones that can help you find the best headphones for sleeping.

Wireless Earphones Jabra Elite 65t Alexa

headphones for sleeping

This pair of headphones also has a flat shell that doesn’t stick to your ears like traditional earphones. Some people may find this one too big to sleep comfortably with them but you can always use pillows with these earphones which have discussed earlier.

Things You Must Know – How to Sleep With Headphones

Sleep On The Back

The most obvious solution to sleeping with headphones is to sleep on your back. If you can sleep in only one position all night, this is a great solution then.

But actually many people don’t, so if you’re one of those rare people, your everyday earphones can be lucky unless you accidentally flip them while you sleep.

Choose Headphones That Fits You Accurately

The most important solution, along with all the other solutions listed here, is to always make sure your headphones fits correctly over your ear.

Risks of Wearing Headphones While Sleeping

Health Risk

Prolonged wear of headphones increases the risk of ear related injuries, such as wearing it while sleeping.

One of the most severe risks of ear damage is the accumulation of earwax in the ear canal. This happens because earplugs or headphones cover or block the ear canal. So, the air does not circulate easily in the eardrum.

When such earwax deteriorates, it becomes harder and harder to remove without the help of an expert, but it is not always possible to remove it without some risk.

Danger Of Headphones

One of the most common causes of headphone damage can occur at any time, especially when worn while sleeping.

This is a plug that connects your headset to your hearing device. Excessive pressure on this plug can damage the plug and the jack into which it is inserted. This is common at night because throwing and spinning at night can pull the power cord, stress plugs and jacks, and can cause damage.

Benefits of Wearing Headphones While Sleeping

It is important to weigh the risks and benefits of each decision to be made. So when I listed the risks above I will also tell you guyz about the benefits if sleeping with headphones.

In my opinion, the biggest advantage is that listening to music or white noise during sleep causes the brain to release serotonin.

Serotonin is a hormone that makes you happy. High serotonin levels reduce stress on the brain and improve sleep.


Whether it is safe or not to sleep with headphones?

Studies have shown that seeping with headphones while listening to music is risky for health. It can cause a permanent damage to your ears like hearing loss or built-up earwax.

How to lay down with headphones?

You should sleep in different positions. But, the easiest way to sleep with your headphones is to sleep on your back.

Can sleeping with headphones damage ears?

Yes, without any doubt sleeping with headphones can damage your ears.